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with fingernails that shine like justice
21 May 2013 @ 11:42 am
Wow hey I still have an LJ!

Too bad I only ever really come here if I need to find fic, icons or layouts. I would hang around more if everyone hadn't migrated en masse over to tumblr. Which I love, don't get me wrong, but who's to say people can't frequent more than one social network at a time?

Anyway wow I'm still alive. If there's anyone left here to really be fussed~
with fingernails that shine like justice
11 March 2013 @ 01:12 pm
I feel like there are only ten people voting in this year's Fandom Steel Cage Match. Otherwise, how the HELL could these characters have been the ones to make it into their brackets? What on earth is going on?
with fingernails that shine like justice
27 November 2012 @ 01:46 pm
I am at my wits' end here.

There is a dog across the street, and while I consider myself an animal lover (FFS, I care about animals more than I care about most people), I have never wanted to do horrible unspeakable things to one so badly. I know it's not the dog's fault though, I'm just sort of slowly losing my sanity.

It barks. Loudly. At the top of its lungs. Early in the morning, late at night, and all afternoon. FOR NO REASON. We have complained to the owner. Their neighbors on either side have complained to the owners. They have also written letters to the Home Owner's Association complaining about this fucking dog. The owners do NOTHING. Even when they are home!

What the ever-loving fuck, how do you sleep through a dog in your own yard hollering at the top of its goddamned lungs all night? REALLY? And at 3AM? That's totally fine with you? Not bovvered?

I am to the point of tears because I am so shitassfucking TIRED. I sleep with ear-plugs in, and it still doesn't help! That's how loud their dog is! My performance at work has suffered a few times due to lack of sleep because I get a nice loud wake-up call from this obnoxious hellbeast HOURS before I'm supposed to be awake.

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03 November 2012 @ 11:57 am
Woke up absolutely ravenous after 14 hours of sleeping. FOOOOOOD.

One thing I will do differently the next time I go to London is eat more of their food. Sure, the sandwiches in their grocery stores are good. But. ALLLLL those lovely shops with their amazing aromas wafting out onto the street. Hnnnnn.

When I go to St. James's Park, I WILL eat ice cream.
When I go to Camden Town, I WILL eat curry.
When I go to Chinatown, I WILL eat Chinese food.
When I go to Baker Street, I WILL buy cupcakes in the station bakery.

And whoever is with me will eat it too or sit there bored and watch me do it. No fucks will be given, since I will probably eat all of those, too. Give me ALL the local food! ALL of it.

When I went to Tower Hill, I bought a hotdog & chips from a truck and they were hands down THE best hotdog & chips I have ever had, I am not even kidding. If I'd had more money left, I would have sampled something from all the food trucks. I do love food trucks. Sigh.

Clearly I need to go and cook up an obscene amount of food now, because it's all I can think about. And then I need to watch the 636,989 hours of tv my dvr recorded in my absence.
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31 October 2012 @ 06:59 pm
Jess and I went to Forbidden Planet to look at their megastore filled with ALL the things! ... except the one thing we initially went for. Which is fine. I still loved the place, and WOW THEIR GRAPHIC NOVEL SECTION. An entire basement. Possibly every graphic novel to ever exist.

Then we parted ways, and I went to the Tower of London. There were a LOT of people and LONG lines, and of course the most awesome things there are things you're not allowed to take photos of, but I am so glad I went. Saw the jewels, saw the ravens, saw the tower with the crowns in and the place where the beheadings were carried out and the pit, and all the other good stuff. Very pretty in there. Definitely something you put aside the day for, especially if you're going to get rained on really hard and stand under the sheltering eaves across the way eating hotdogs and chips until it lets up some.

I stopped off at St. James's Park again on the way to get rid of the rest of the bread we had, so I fed the ducks and the crows for a bit and touched some squirrels. I was going to get ice cream per Elizabeth's suggestion, but the little ice cream places were already closed when I got there, boo.

So anyway, we're going home bright and early tomorrow (6am) and I am now faced with the task of packing. I must:

A) Keep my checked bag under 50 lbs or pay $200 (loool).
B) Include alllllll the shit I bought on this trip. I guess we should be glad Forbidden Planet didn't have Sherlock Cluedo, or we'd have to try and pack BOARD GAMES.
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30 October 2012 @ 08:14 pm
So, last night we went on the Jack the Ripper walk, but I haven't written about it yet. It was basically what you would expect! Only perhaps not as cheesy, because our guide really was pretty cool. It was educational, if you like that sort of thing (and by that sort of thing I mean history and true crime). Mostly it was nice being out at night, wandering around in a group and listening to someone who is knowledgeable and excited about a topic share it with us. And it was cool getting to see parts of London I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

Only let me tell you, Whitechapel and basically the entirety of the East End is pretty fuckin' scary on it's own, even without the Ripper lore. The tube stations, too, especially at night. But I enjoyed myself.

Today we started out by visiting the Tate Modern. It turns out that when it comes to modern art, I have two responses: confusion and fear. Not the paintings and the sculptures; those were really cool. But the exhibits were basically what you would find in some really bad dreams. For example, a room too dark to see in with strange, screechy music playing, and some tinsel hanging in front of a light, and a sudden voice bellowing "WHERE IS YOUR WIFE?" Nope. Time to go.

Strolled by the Globe theater, and crossed the Millennium Bridge. Stood on it, in the middle of the Thames, and took lots of pretty pictures (well, Jess did, as she is the photographer). We went alllll the way to Hoxton after that (long story short, it is really far away and also basically the Projects) to visit this shop that we both enjoy online. Only, unfortunately, in person it's not so much a Shop as it is a 3ft x 10ft space with like. A SHELF. The products are awesome and the idea is really cool. It's a creative writing workshop for kids, around the theme of monsters. So all the things they sell are like... the things that monsters need? So there are decanters of maiden's hair and salt made from human tears, and bottled emotions, moonlight in a jar, and all kinds of whimsical miscellany like that. I would have loved some moonlight in a jar, but it was too big and heavy to fit anywhere in my baggage, over full as it already is from all the crap I've bought. Anyway. It was really far to travel for a tiny little hole in the wall that ended up not really being what we imagined, but it was nice to see anyway.

Next we made the pilgrimage to St. Bart's. That whole neighborhood is really pretty, and it's almost maze-like in one area, but we eventually found what we were looking for. Right next to "The Spot," there's a phone booth. In and around that phone booth is where all the fans who have come have left behind notes and cards and stickers and other stuff to mark that they've been there, and to be found by other fans. It's an I Believe In Sherlock shrine of sorts, and we left our own markers behind as well. A pair of construction workers walked by as we were looking up at the top of the building, and one of them called out to us "Look over there, right there, that's where he jumped from!" Yeah. Everyone knows. I don't even mind being made fun of, pff.

Ate a nice lunch at one of those places simply called Eat. and was impressed by their sandwiches. And theeennn that was it! Now we're sitting around in our living room on our laptops eating ice cream and chocolate. Because.

Tomorrow I'm going on a solo mission, so! We'll see how that goes.
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29 October 2012 @ 05:56 pm
221B Day!

We went to the Sherlock Holmes museum, and it was lovely! Pretty much exactly what I expected, but with far more details than I anticipated. Fantastic. And in the shop, I wanted to buy ALL the things, but I behaved. 221B has been officially Sherlock'd. We left some #IBISH cards, and saw that some other people had done the same.

Then we went to Speedy's for lunch (and the filming location for 221B, obviously). We actually spent far more time finding it than was necessary, because we went the wrong direction. But in doing so we got to see a lot of the really pretty neighborhood, so it was not a loss at all. The food was actually really good, I thought, and it was a nice, cozy little place to be. There were photos of the Sherlock cast up all over the wall.

There is a fabulous looking cupcake shop in the Baker Street station. Will have to check it out next time (if it still exists).

ANYWAY. We're about to go meet a group for a Jack the Ripper walk. We were originally going to do this tomorrow for Halloween, but by the time we went to book, they were already full up for that day. So! Tonight instead. Just to do SOMETHING Halloween-y, you know?
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29 October 2012 @ 12:33 am
Spent a good chunk of today at the Natural History Museum, which is by FAR the best of the NHMs I've been to. It's enormous, and GORGEOUS inside, and their dinosaur exhibit is pretty badass. Plus they've outdone themselves with interactive stuff, and a giant globe escalator (idek actually) and they had a lot on offer. The only drag was that it was super horribly crowded. Like ridiculously literally-cannot-move crowded. And on a Monday morning no less! I shudder to think what it might have been like on Saturday. By the time we left, it was an hour+ queue to get in to see the dinosaurs. WTF.

Strolled through Kensington Gardens after that, and while it was really pretty, I'm sure it's at its best during the spring. Oddly quiet in comparison to all the others, too, which I guess was nice.

Went back to the Sherlock Holmes Restaurant for lunch because obviously fish & chips must be had sometime on the visit, and if they were to be had by me, I wanted it to be there because the food had been so good last time. Ohhh my gosh, I was expecting like, fish fingers or something. No. It was basically a WHOLE FISH, fried up and crunchy and whole, needing to be cut and eaten with a knife and fork. Is this normal? I have no idea. It was delicious though! Happy with the decision.

We just got back from seeing a play called 'Our Boys,' about six soldiers struggling to overcome injuries they've sustained in the service, and the whole host of drama that comes with that. It was sad, but actually really funny too, and all the actors (as Jess put it) acted the shit out of it. The plot was 'Eh,' but dat acting. Was wonderful. I seriously wanted to stage door it in hopes catching Arthur Darvill, but there were so many reasons why it just wasn't a good idea. It was cold and raining, and Jess is not feeling well, and it's WAY past when we've been going to bed, so we're both exhausted. Also I had no idea when all the last trains were running, but catching them and NOT being stranded is pretty high on the priority list, so I didn't even ask.

Time for some serious sleeping. Well, a shower first. Then sleeping.
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27 October 2012 @ 05:54 pm
Todaaaay we went to St. James's Park to feed the ducks! But instead of just feeding the ducks, there were also tons of pigeons, gulls, geese, swans. And SOME ducks. What I was most amused by were the squirrels, though. If you leaned over and called them, they came scampering over like puppies to see if you had any food. Also one jumped up onto my leg and CLIMBED ME LIKE A TREE. I am not used to squirrels behaving this way. It was startling at first, but after that, it was actually kinda fun to try and attract them. Pff.

There was also a section of the park that I have dubbed ~Crow Forest~ on account of it's where all the crows seem to gather. Try and feed them and get totally surrounded on all sides. So many crows. So many.

Went looking for Scotland Yard, and went in the little Starbucks that is basically on their front door step (so small, and kinda dingy, and got BOTH of our drinks either wrong or Not Good, but whatevs). Went looking around the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, too, then headed off to SoHo.

Fooooor Brisinda Tapas! AKA: Angelo's. Delicious food, and a nice little place, if a bit pricy (but, you know, given the area... kinda figured). Afterward we found a store called HMV which is basically... okay. Best Buy, Tower Records, and the Warehouse rolled into one to create one glorious three story building full of essentially ANYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT. I got Cabin Pressure (seasons 1 and 3) on cd and Simon Pegg's book (which I've been wanting to read) for TWO POUNDS, WHAT. Because it was on clearance. Well, yes, of course I want that. Thank you HMV.

Visited the grocery store for dinner stuffs on the way back. Then watched the Bonus material on the Hollow Crown dvds, and now we're watching Man Vs Food while my mouth waters/I am simultaneously horrified.
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26 October 2012 @ 04:33 pm
Today was meant to be "Lazy Saturday" during which we did pretty much nothing. Only I remembered that the Sherlock: The Casebook thing was out, so I reserved a copy for myself and for Jess at Waterstones. When we went to go and get them, though, we figured out we went to the wrong store (haha oops) but nonetheless had a lovely time there. Bigass bookstore, you guys. FIVE STORIES.

We found the CORRECT book store after that, got our books, and then stopped off at the lovely little Piccadilly outdoor market to browse while we froze our asses off and it started to rain on us. Took some pictures of Piccadilly Square and found the Criterion. Got on the tube, got OFF the tube to look for food, and ended up at Buckingham Palace. Caught the tail end of the Changing of the Guard. Walked through Green Park where there was a SUPER outgoing squirrel that ran between our feet and over our shoes demanding a toll for food. I could have petted it, probably, but I didn't want to get a finger bitten off.

Ended up in Hyde Park where we had lunch at a cute little restaurant called The Serpentine and ate our (surprisingly REALLY DELICIOUS) sandwiches by the water. There was an obscene amount of ducks and gulls and swans and pigeons all squawking and cawing and quacking for food, and I fed a limping pigeon a lot of my bread, pff. It was really effing cold by that point, so we decided to call it quits and came on home with a detour to Tesco to get some junk food.

Aaaand now Jess is going to do homework while I check on maybe perhaps getting tickets to see a play Arthur Darvill is in. Wheee. Fingers crossed they aren't too expensive.
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25 October 2012 @ 04:53 pm
First thing we did was go to the Courtauld Gallery, which was in Somerset House. Very nice place! Might have been nicer if the place hadn't been crammed full of teenagers on a school field trip. Still! Got a little turned around on the way there, but we got to see a whole different portion of the neighborhood. Where all the theaters and stuff are.

Then we went to the Royal College of Surgeons, where they have the medical museum full of interesting specimens and medical tools and things. Everything from antique scalpels to bones to babies in jars, you'll find it there. Maybe not for the squeamish? I dunno, I didn't have a problem. Some things were a little gruesome, though.

Walked around in the area a bit. There was something being filmed, but I dunno what. Passed through the park, sat on a bench. Assaulted by pigeons. Standard park fare, I guess?

Then we decided to try and find an antique mall somewhere in Mayfair, and got off on Bond Street, which was one great big bag of Nope. It was like Macy's on Christmas. Everywhere. And two women right in front of me VERY nearly avoided being run down by a bus. Went inside a Primark just to have a quick look around, and it was like Black Friday in there, for reals. So we went up the escalator, I said "Kay, I've seen it" and then we turned around and got back on the Down escalator. And that was our Primark adventure.

Decided antiques were not all that important, and came home. Got pizzas from the Tesco. Eating them now. Yum. Been soooo hungry, so even though I suspect this pizza isn't that great, it tastes pretty great to me.
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24 October 2012 @ 07:10 pm
Me: I'm actually really surprised it hasn't rained, yet.
London: *rains*

Took Victoria line all the way up to King's Cross, then found the British Library and poked around in there a bit. Found a Starbucks (yay hot chocolate), found a post office (yay postcards) and then set off to Russell Square Gardens to be big nerds and sit on the John-Stamford bench because of reasons. We actually came across Tavistock Square Gardens first, and mistook it for the one we wanted, whoops. Still it was just one more pretty thing to look at!

From there we took the tube to Camden Town, which was all kinds of magical and crazy. First impression: Hot Topic as a TOWN. Second impression: Holy shit this market is fucking amazing because it is like a LABYRINTH of amazing, interesting stuff, mostly underground, situated in alleys and TUNNELS. FFFF. Lots of great shopping and I wanted to eat ALL the food (and really, they had ALL the food - Chinese, Thai, pizza, Mexican, pastries, fruit, Japanese, Indian, Greek, Turkish, hotdogs, sausages, ect ect ect) but I kept it to a minimum and only got a Nutella crepe. YUM NUTELLA CREPE. It was fresh and warm and perfect and I watched him make it.

Came home after that, and my feet, OMG OW. Combination of wearing boots and trekking all over ancient cobblestones and such. Such a fun day though. Went and had Pretz for dinner, and now we're just resting. Bed soon, I think. Sotired.
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23 October 2012 @ 04:31 pm
Today was "Get Acquainted With The Tube" day. Got on the wrong one and went in the wrong direction, but only a few stops. Went on the London Eye and enjoyed every second of it. There was this woman with her four children and their grandparents, and omg the kids were actually super adorable. And their names were George, Charlie, Rory and Amelia. lulz foreverrrr. Browsed in a nice little touristy shop (I needed some postcards and also I found buttons! A crown - for reasons - and a Baker Street sign one - also for reasons - and a print of the tube map) then crossed a bridge (I do not know which one) so we could walk on down to Trafalgar Square.

Strolled by Whitehall, spied the Lions, and wandered around in the National Gallery for awhile. We had lunch at the Sherlock Holmes pub/restaurant and I became sort of creepy and blushy over our waiter who was Irish and had Andrew Scott voice. I really liked the way he said 'water,' so I kept trying to get him to say it by drinking my water real fast so he would come and offer more, but it didn't work because he kept asking if I wanted a 'refill' instead, which just was not the same. It was a spiffy place though! With a really cool little room made up to look like 221B. And the food? DELICIOUS.

Wandered around some more. Passed through Chinatown and poked in a few shops. Found a comic shop, and although we didn't buy anything, it just felt sort of necessary to go in.

Back at the flat now and resting, but we'll probably go out again later when we get bored/aren't tired anymore.
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23 October 2012 @ 05:47 am
Aka Travel Day. It was an overnight flight, but that doesn't mean we slept. Because we didn't. Oh, no. But the airline fed us really well, wow. Salad, roll, chicken and rice or beef and broccoli, brownie, and they came around with tea/coffee and ice cream sandwiches. And also breakfast (which I didn't really eat) of fruit and a pastry.

So our flat is super kawaii. Really nice, in an awesome building, with a kitchen containing everything we would need if we were living here and not just visiting, a kitchen table, a living room with a nice tv and dvd player, super comfy couch, and chair. Bathroom is great. Bedrooms are pretty awesome. Mine is super small but reeeaallly cozy. Little more than a bed and a narrow walk space with a cabinet for the clothes I brought, and a desk by the door, but I love it. And it has a pillar in it. And two of the four walls are window. Also our flat has a balcony with a table and chairs out on it.

All we really did was unpack, settle a bit, then go exploring the complex. There's a medical center, some restaurants, a Tesco, ATMS, a gym, all that fun stuff like... attached. On the other side of the road there's a Starbucks and a bigger grocery store, and around the corner is a tube station, but that's as far as we really explored yesterday. Too tired. Too dead on our feet.

Today we're going to figure out the whole subway thing, get some oyster cards, and visit the London Eye. Get the most frivolous expense out of the way first, I guess. ;P
We've got the whole day aside from that, so I have no idea what we're doing. We weren't in any real state to plan last night.

Anyway, I think I properly dealt with my jetlag by going to bed at 6:30pm and waking up at... 5:30AM. I might snooze for a bit more, but I doubt I can.
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19 October 2012 @ 04:57 pm
You are on a ROLL, darling!

If you guys like fandom fanmixes, you should go over HERE and check out hers! I love love love them.
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23 September 2012 @ 10:48 pm
Things I Miss Doing:

- Going to hockey games.

- Getting pumpkin spice blizzards near Halloween (I still can, but it's not the same without a companion to watch me suck my spoon off).

- Going to the Paranormal Activity movies when they come out and making fun of the fifteen year old girls in the front row who literally start crying from fear.

- Black and white milkshakes.

- Shut up Casey.

- Please just shut up.
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15 September 2012 @ 11:51 pm
I was digging around in my music download folders and I found Jeffster's rendition of Fat Bottomed Girls. The one they performed at Comic Con that one year.

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14 September 2012 @ 02:57 pm
Damn, what the hell happened to Amanda Bynes?

Sorry, little brother, I know you loved her. But homegirl has become a hot mess. A shame, too. She always seemed so... wholesome?
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09 September 2012 @ 01:15 pm
Every time I see Rachel Bilson on a magazine cover or something, I think of Taylor.

Then before I know it, WHOOPS, made myself sad.
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20 August 2012 @ 09:36 pm
One of them. It's a long story (the sonofabitch technically gets two birthdays, wtf) but THIS is the one that gets celebrated. At least around these parts! So dude, I hope you're reading this. And I hope your day was great~
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10 August 2012 @ 11:03 am
I like how the very LAST place I think of to find a cosplay partner is Cosplay.com.
I am suck a frickin' idiot. XD
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02 August 2012 @ 09:36 pm
Drag lessons from Sara and Inoli?

... what else would I be doing on Thursday night?
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15 July 2012 @ 08:54 pm
Got up at 5:00AM this morning to go secure a spot in the Doctor Who autograph line. Got in pretty good. Made some line buddies that I bonded with for almost five hours, and by the end of it, we were pretty friendly. We all agreed that it would be satisfactory if at least one of us got a ticket, because the chances of all of us winning were very slim. The sweet girl from Brazil didn't get one. I didn't get one. But the hip young dad trying to get a ticket for his daughter did get one, so that was good.

I really really wanted to do 4 things, and I managed 2/4 of those things. Could have been better, but could have been worse. At least I ended up with some really awesome stuff (which I might inventory later, idk) and knocked everything off my shopping list. Except those damned Sherlock'd shirts from BBC America, which sold out by noon every day. Usually while I was in some important line trying to meet someone.

Took a few more laps around the exhibit hall, almost got stepped on by the escorts walking with Misha, and saw Larry King (of all people) in the lobby of our hotel. The lobby which, omg, was a WRECK. There was the biggest party I had ever seen in our lobby last night, because the party was supposed to be somewhere else but was mis-advertised. Whoops.

Had cupcakes and a crazy S'mores martini thing the night before. Didn't sleep. Didn't even really try.

Anyway, we packed up, had lunch, and came home. And I did manage to nap a little on the way home, but I am exhausted as all get-out. So I have some stuff to catch up on, but I'm probably going to crash really soon. I haven't even unpacked anything yet.

EDIT: Oh yeah. I forgot that my line buddies and I laughed ourselves silly, until we were crying. We were delirious with exhaustion, and decided that purgatory is needing to draw a green ticket out of the damned box to get to Heaven. Except all the tickets are red. OR, all the tickets are really green, but you're color blind.

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14 July 2012 @ 04:13 pm
So, the big thing today was The Hobbit. I had plans. Goals. Aspirations. Strategies.


I'm not surprised, though, and as a result? Not too torn up about it. The panel? LMAO. The signing? LOL.

So basically I tried to stage door it instead; I know which door they use to usher actors to and from the WB booth, and hanging out there in previous years has gotten me pretty close to some people. But staff was wise to our tricks this year, and kept kicking us out. Like vultures, we kept drifting back, only to have metaphorical stones hurled at us again.

But I did SEE Martin. I was in the same room, within a stone's throw, and although I am autograph-less (this time!) at least I managed a look. He was wearing the "I'm smiling, but I sort of want to punch you in the head" face. You know the one.

Anyway, I used the rest of my day for more epic shopping adventures. There was still a lot of ground I hadn't managed to cover in the Exhibit Hall during the first two days, so I managed to finish up and see everything else today. I may try Artist Alley again tomorrow, if there's time. That all depends on whether I'm successful in my Doctor Who mission.

Was Acting Personal Assistant for James for a couple of hours in Tina's absence. He was in full Halo gear today (Master Chief) so he needed a photographer and wallet/food/phone caddy.

The best moment of today, I think, was when I was haunting the front lobby and trying to get a picture of a pretty spiffy Tenth Doctor, but he was in too much of a hurry to stop. So he was dashing through the doors toward the curb to catch his bus, yelling back "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!"

Learned from Quantum Mechanix that I'm not lame for being unable to locate the Tardis, because they just didn't bring it this year. Aw.

Could have gone to the Being Human panel, but I haven't finished up with season two yet, and didn't want the whole thing spoiled for me. They didn't do a signing at all, unfortunately.

That's pretty much it, I guess. I'm taking advantage of having the room to myself again for a bit. I'm going to need all the rest I can get, for a 5:00AM wakeup call. Apparently 6:00 was not early enough, so I will have to try even harder for tomorrow.

Pretty sure we're going to go get Thai food for dinner. Mmm.
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13 July 2012 @ 11:10 pm
Slept in!

Went shopping, took some nifty pictures. Knocked a lot of stuff off my list - almost all of it!

Got a ticket for Kate Beaton's signing, just barely, and she drew me a jam Watson! Didn't do much else today. More exhibit hall shenanegans, then dinner at Friday's (on a Friday), and Ghiradelli for ice cream after.

Short update because we have guests trying to sleep.
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